Vortex Cloud Hub Beta Launch
Server Linking!

We have now linked up Skyblock and Survival into one server! Join with the IP play.vortexcloud.tk!

When you join, you will receive a compass that let's you select your destination of choice!

If you experience any issues, please tell us about it in discord #report-bugs!

Notice: The Hub is not yet finish in terms of physical structure, if you wish to give us ideas, please tell us in discord.

P.S. Theres a new page about island levels!

Thu 8 Aug
Vortex Cloud Skyblock Beta Launch
New Gamemode!

The long awaited skyblock branch is here! Join now at sb.vortexcloud.tk!

Warning: Skyblock is still been tested for bugs, if you found any, please report them in discord.

Fri 20 July
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Vortex Cloud Forums
Removal of Forums

Forums is now removed from all the sites! If you wants to suggest anything or report bugs, please do so in their respective channels on discord!

leoyy's Face [WebDev] leoyy: We do not need a forum coz we have discord.
JustDqg's Face [Owner] JustDqg: Remove it from the menu then.
Thu 6 June
Vortex Cloud Beta
Beta Testing

We have decided that this period will be dedicated to Beta-Testing!

If there is anything suggestions/bugs, please shout them out on our discord server!

JustDqg's Face [Owner] JustDqg: Staff Applications are now closed!
Thu 30 May

Many of the functions in here including store, votes and bans are currently not available.

Please be patient for new functions to be rolled out in the future. In the mean time, suggest functions/changes to [email protected] to #suggestions on discord.

Fri 17 May
Vortex Cloud Opening
Vortex Cloud is now public!

Today, on Sat 18 May, Vortex Cloud officially opened! Please note that the server's developing team are amateurs, hence there may be tons of bugs, please report any glitches/bugs/grammar errors to [email protected] to #report-bugs on discord.

We wish you good luck, and have a enjoyable day on our minecraft server: play.vortexcloud.tk

Map Discord
Sat 18 May