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Fri 31 May


You are always safe at spawn. You can't get damaged there so you're safe from everything there :D


At the market place, there are traders from whom you can buy stuff like food, enchanted books using emeralds. and much more! You can come here by typing this command: /warp market.


How do you claim land? You can claim land by using this command: /chunk claim. This will claim a 16x16 area which you can visualize with the hot-key: F3 + G

To give other players permission to use your claim, you can use the command: /chunk allow <player>
Note: This only affects the chunk you are in!

To take away permission from player of your claim use the command: /chunk disallow <player>
Note: This only affects the chunk you are in!

To unclaim land do /chunk unclaim
Note: This only affects the chunk you are in!

Renting a Hamlet

How to rent a house? First you need to walk to the hamlets for rent North-East from /spawn, and you should be able to see the hamlets.

Houses with signs [For Rent] on it are available. When you right click on it you will rent it.

You can add friends to your rented house to use this command: /as addfriend <player>. To remove your friend from your rented house use this command: /as unfriend <player>.

For all the more information do /as help.


We have a Discord Server

In the server we have a lot channels including: Informational channels, Chat channels and Support channels.

Information Channels
  • Announcements Announcements for events or new things will be posted here.
  • Rules Here are the rules for the discord server and the minecraft server
  • Server Information Here will be all the information about new stuff in the server and a FAQ
  • ChangeLog A log book of new things that are added or the things are removed.
Chat Channels
  • General This is for general matters on the server.
  • Off-Topic This is for off topic chit chat.
  • Commands Here can you type commands like !rank and then you can see your rank on chatting!
Support Channels
  • Suggestions You can give suggestions to the server.
  • Report-Bugs If you find a bug in the game you can report it in this channel and then we can try to fix that bug.
  • Staff-Request If you need staff help you can request it here and then there will a staff online as soon as possible who can hep you.